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China Roll Forming Machine Future Development

Cold roll forming is a new technology and new technology for material-saving, energy-saving and efficient metal sheet forming. By using this process, not only can high-quality steel products be produced, but also the product development cycle can be shortened and production efficiency can be improved, thereby increasing the market competitiveness of the enterprise.


The future development direction of the cold roll forming machinery group industry is to improve the tools and equipment, improve the material characteristics, study the position of the rolling shaft, improve the product standards and product design, deflection and material deformation. 

According to this situation, the cold roll forming machine will also be more flexible, but designing a highly flexible cold roll machine will also become a problem for the cold roll forming machine. 

It is expected that with the development of modern technology, China's cold roll forming equipment will become more and more advanced. Enterprises with technological innovation capabilities have a long-term competitive advantage. 

It can use high-tech to transform traditional industries, actively introduce, digest, and absorb advanced technologies and equipment at home and abroad, improve the equipment level of enterprises, accelerate equipment updates and technological innovation, realize the optimization and upgrade of the rolling door machinery and equipment industry and products, and increase product added value.

China Roll Forming Machine Future Application

As an important structural part, cold-formed products have been widely used in many fields such as steel structure construction industry, automobile manufacturing, agricultural machinery manufacturing, ship manufacturing and transportation industry, petrochemical industry, electronics industry, machinery manufacturing, and daily necessities manufacturing.

In recent years, China's main technology level of cold forming has entered the world's leading ranks, laying a solid foundation for the rapid development of the cold-formed steel industry. The forming unit generally adopts the roller type, and the most advanced large-scale air bending FFX unit has been built in China

Newly built rolling mills generally use solid-state high-frequency welding, and large-section cutting has begun using the double-blade milling saw process. With the deepening of the research on the theory of cold-rolled forming, the forming process of cold-formed steel is also continuously innovated, and new cold-formed forming such as four-roll forming, flexible cold-forming, CAT forming, and "roll-punching" hole processing methods have been produced.

The domestic cold-rolled forming equipment manufacturers have continuously improved their technical equipment. Based on the conditions of their own factories, each enterprise has continuously developed its own equipment level through independent research and development or the introduction of foreign advanced equipment. 

The production technology has been continuously improved, and its technical capabilities have been continuously improved. A number of high-speed rolling mills have been developed, and scale, efficiency, and intensification are gradually being carried out to achieve the goal of producing high-quality products with high efficiency.

The steady growth of the downstream cold-formed steel industry, the continuous development of new application areas, and the continuous replacement of traditional steel by cold-formed steels have led to rapid growth in demand for cold-formed steels. This has transformed the cold-formed equipment industry from development to growth. 

In addition, with the development of modern industrial technology, prefabricated buildings are rapidly built around the world due to their fast construction speed, small restrictions on climatic conditions, saving labor and improving building quality. 

Cold-formed steel equipment is the core of the prefabricated building system. With the widespread application of prefabricated buildings, the cold-formed equipment industry has also ushered in a booming opportunity.

What ZXCO can present to the world?

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