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Would you like to know about roll forming machines in China?

Are you looking to purchase a high-quality roll forming machine in China recently to improve your industry competitiveness? This article can help you clearly understand all the information on the roll forming machine and give some valuable opinions. Please read it patiently!


What is a roll forming machine and how does it work?

Roll forming, also known as cold roll forming, is a rolling in which a long strip of metal (usually rolled steel) is continuously bent to the desired cross-section. The metal plate passes through multiple sets of rollers mounted on a continuous track, and each set of rollers performs only the incremental portion of the bend until the desired cross-section (profile) is obtained. Roll forming is ideal for producing big length, high-volume, constant-profile parts.

Structure and composition:

Generally, a complete roll forming machine consists of a decoiler, a roll forming system and a cutting system.

Decoiler, used to feed material into a roll forming machine;

Roll forming machine, consisting of upper and lower rolls, to roll the required shape of the profile. Different profiles require different rollers.

Cutting system used to cut rolled profiles.

Working principle:

Roll forming, also known as cold roll forming, is a device in which a long strip of metal (usually rolled steel) is continuously bent to the desired cross-section. The metal plate passes through multiple sets of rollers mounted on a continuous track, and each set of rollers performs only the incremental portion of the bend until the desired cross-section (profile) is obtained.


The traditional form is on the steel building and construction industry as roof, wall, floor deck, downspout, ridge cap, gutter, and so on.

At present, it is more and more used in other sub-sectors, such as storage and logistic (rack), automotive and highway (car components, highway guardrails), energy industry (solar support), door industry (rolling shutters, door frames), etc.


What are the types of roll forming machines in China?

Roll forming machines have a variety of structures, which can be divided into several types according to their installation structure. Which method is used in the production of the equipment depends on the characteristics of the profile produced, and different machine structures are selected according to different patterns. What are the types of roll forming machines? Let's do a brief introduction below.

1. Cantilever roll forming apparatus.

This equipment structure can limit the width of the forming strip to the length of the cantilever shaft. You can press some products that are not thick in profile, or products that have a full plate width and only one side of the forming type. This method is not suitable for products with pressed patterns, because only one side is stressed.

2. Double-end roll forming machine.

This structure is two cantilever installations and two sides of the strip, which can freely adjust the width inward and outward and can form products of any diameter within the limited width.

Some factors that should be considered when designing:

A: The length of the roll is limited and needs to be controlled within a specific range.

B: The roll shaft is easy to be bended when pressing too thick sheet

C: To be affected by pressure, the sheet that needs to be formed cannot generally be located in the center of the sheet.

D: When roll forming wide plate, the upper and lower sides usually need support points.

E: When forming short plates, generally need to add equipment to guide. 

F: To adapt to the forming of different width plates, the material on the upper and lower shafts should be easy to install and disassemble and adjust.

3. Through shaft double-end forming machine.

The axial deflection of the through-shaft cold bending machine is smaller than that of the cantilever machine of the same specification. In this roll forming machine, the rolls are fixed on the stands on both sides.

4. Standard roll forming machine.

This type of equipment is supported by bearings on both sides, which are fixed on the side plates.


Common problems of roll forming machine

What materials can be rolled into shape

Steel and aluminum are the most commonly used materials in roll forming. Sometimes use copper.

What shape can the roll forming machine make?

Many times, if you can create the shape by folding a piece of paper with the bends parallel to the sides of the paper, your shape has the potential to be roll formed.

What are the benefits of roll forming machines

Compared with the cutting and grinding process, the roll forming process has not only high production efficiency, saves materials, but also has high product strength and stable quality. This process is particularly suitable for processing difficult-to-cut workpieces, especially for annual production. For millions of large-volume products, the roll forming process is the most advantageous, and the economic benefits are also the most considerable.


Recommendations for buying Chinese roll forming machines

There are many roll forming machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. For foreign buyers, it is essential to choose a good roll forming machine. Only by selecting a good roll forming machine can it produce excellent products, expand the market, and enhance competitiveness. So, how to choose the right roll forming machines?

Regarding the choice of roll forming machine, there are the following points:

Firstly, the precision of selecting the device must be very high, and the quality of the equipment must be guaranteed so that the quality of the products produced will be improved.

Secondly. Attention should also be paid to the manufacturing process of the machine. The quality of the roll forming machine will affect the quality of the product. Therefore, customers should pay attention to the manufacturing process of the roll forming machine when selecting the equipment.

Thirdly, the choice of type. The role of different kinds of roll forming machines is different, and customers should choose the device according to their needs.

Choosing a good roll forming machine is very important for an enterprise. This is not only directly related to the quality of the product, but also the future development trend of the enterprise. I hope users must pay attention to it now.


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