How to choose a roll forming machine manufacturer / supplier

Roll forming machine (also known as metal forming machine) is a forming machine that continuously bends metal plates to the required cross-section. It is widely used in the automotive industry, manufacturing and construction industries.

There are many well-known roll forming machine manufacturers in the world. They are Bradbury Co. Inc., Englert Inc., Formtek Inc., GASPARINI Spa, Samco Machinery Ltd., Form Process Engineering. Among many roll forming machine suppliers How do we choose a suitable roll forming machine. How do we choose to start a business with them?

Recommendations for choosing a roll forming machine

For any customer who needs a roll forming machine to improve their production, it brings a lot of headache to choose a good machine supplier or manufacturer. As per my understanding, a good machine manufacturer should have below characters. 

Firstly, the machine should be manufactured with high quality. The machine quality is can be proved with components machining process, assembly process, and testing process. Customer can visit the manufacturer’s fabrication workshop for watching the machine components machining process, (for example, check the dimension and treatment of the rollers, check the dimension of the shaft).

Meanwhile, the customer can also visit the assembly workshop to see the machine assembly. It’s important the work should be experienced in the assembling and solve the imperfection. Check the appearance of the finished machines and each device’s structure is reasonable or not. Testing is the most important section to prove the machine quality and any problems can be directly reflected in the real testing. Customer can see the testing in manufacturer’s factory and can ask for visiting other user’s factory to check the real producing. Long time running and big quantity producing can define if the machine is stable or not.

Secondly, the machine manufacturer shall have enough experience and ability to accept the customer’s technical request, and give them professional suggestions. Choose a suitable profile. Roll forming machine is not a standard machine, mostly every machine is different for different customer. Manufacturer should advise user to decide a suitable profile. (For example, a roof profile should be decided based local amount of precipitation, wind conditions, the local steel coil width, steel coil thickness, whether the profile is acceptable in local market, etc. Choose an economical machine structure.)

All the customers are always seeking for a cheaper machine. But most of them ignore the machine configuration. A good machine manufacturer should suggest a reasonable machine structure to make the machine economical and guarantee good quality. The structure is related to the raw material, profile and working speed. (For example, a trapezoidal roofing machine, we can use the structure in Figure 1. A guardrail roll forming machine, we need a stronger power and stable running, so we need the structure in Figure 2. Make the machine quality priority, and then choose an economical design.)

Make a decision for customer based on their real situation. This is a complicated topic and we should make it in a real case. Just take examples here. Different machine has different running speed to achieve the different production. When customer needs a higher production, we usually suggest them a single layer roll forming machine. But if the production is requited less, we can suggest them to purchase a double layer roll forming machine, an interchange roll forming machine, or a cassette quick change roll forming machine. In additional, most of the European has a limited space to put a machine, so they would like to have a double layer roll forming machine, or a cassette quick change roll forming machine (put the cassette on the rack).

Thirdly, the service will never be ended after shipping. After-sales service is very necessary for providing a good machine and it must be a turn-key project. This process asks a high service level for the machine manufacturer/supplier. Not only the manual operation book should be prepared, but also shall provide a door to door quick service. 

Reasons to choose a Chinese roll forming machine manufacturer

Every year, China exports roll forming machines to the world. China's roll forming machines are increasingly popular with customers.

One-Stop Solution Service

supplies high-quality One-stop Solution Service including designing, components manufacturing, quality controlling, assembling, inspecting, shipping and after-sales service, etc. 


Lower price

The same type, the same model and the same function of roll forming machines are much cheaper to buy in China than in other countries.


China Excellent Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer

ZXCO Equipment limited is a company specializing in metal processing machinery, such as roll forming machine, slitting line, sandwich panel line and so on.With 15 years of experience and knowledge in providing high-end roll forming machines, we provide customers with complete high-quality metal roll forming solutions. Provide a one-stop service for various design products, including design, manufacturing and after-sales service.



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