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ZXCO is a professional roll forming machine manufacturer. We are committed to the design and manufacture of high-quality roll forming machines, supported by whole-hearted customer care and an after-sales service system. Starting from the actual needs of customers and based on our professionalism, we provide a complete set of economical and applicable roll forming solutions that meet customer needs.



We have an experienced design, manufacturing and service team who have experienced many different high-standard projects. We can propose technical solutions based on the actual needs of customers.

Accuracy Control

We always put the quality and manufacturing precision of our machine a priority. For component processing, every step cannot be omitted, and each step is strictly controlled for quality. Each machine needs to be strictly tested before leaving the factory.

After-sales Service

After-sales service is an important part of equipment use. We dispatch technicians to door-to-door service. Solve simple problems of customers remotely within 24 hours. Provide customers with spare parts needed during machine use Timely. Lifetime after-sales service.

Machine Manufacture Process

Each step is proceeded with quality control, to guarantee the high working precision of our machines. Non-stop service.
Rollers to be machined
Shafts to be machined


Rollers ready

Shafts Ready

Machine frame ready
Assemble the machine
Inspection before shipping
After Sales
Offer spare parts

What our machines mainly can do

Roof and Wall Panel

Building materials are the earliest and most traditional fields of application. Structural and perimeter cladding commonly used in buildings.


Door and Window

The automation of machines will revolutionize the traditional door and window industry.




Our machines are making Guardrail, Post beam, Acoustic panel, and so on, widely used in Highway.


Quality Control

Quality is always the priority! We are focusing on the following points to provide our customers with a full range of high-quality services.

 ●  One-Stop Solution Service
 ●  Experienced Designing
 ●  Cautious Components Manufacturing Process
 ●  Quality Controlling
 ●  Careful Assembling
 ●  Strict Inspecting
 ●  Timely Shipping
 ●  Responsible After Sales Service

We believe supplying a machine is not only supplying a machine that is so simple, we shall concentrate on every detail of the product and each step of the supplying procedure!
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