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Technical Parameters of Arch Roof Bending Machine:

1. Materials Color—coated steel coils / Pro—coated steel coils.

2. Profile of Press: C×(0.4~0.8)mm, C is the width of Corrugated sheet already produced.

3. Thickness: 0.4~0.8mm.

4. Width: Max 100~1250mm.

5. Speed: Max 15m/min.

6. Machine Size: 1000m×900mm×1200mm (Length Width Height).

7. Motor Power: 2.25kw.

Functions of Arch Roof Bending Machine:

This bending machine makes small—span curve for designated profile roof panel. Such curving panel saves roof purlines and steel frame, and lowers cost accordingly. Moreover, the curving roof is strong and durable, and looks beautiful and fashionable as well.

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