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Sandwich panels are made of two layers of waterproof color-coated steel or other metals, middle inject self-extinguishing polyurethane rigid foam liquid, and then cured compression molding. Superior adhesive properties of polyurethane material forming a solid overall between the foam and the metal plate. Metal surface can roll out a variety of different shapes, in order to improve the overall stiffness and strength.

Sandwich panel production line is mainly composed of surface materials processing equipment, insulation materials production equipment, pressure stereotypes equipment, sheet metal cutting equipment and packaging equipment.

Applications of Sandwich panel roll forming machine

Sandwich panels roll forming machine is used to build roofs and walls, fully meet the building surface physical properties and bearing capacity requirements.

Technical Parameters of Sandwich Panel Forming Machine:

1. Size: 50,000 L×2,600 W×3,000 Hmm.

2. Total Weight: 22T.

3. Controlling System: OMRON

4. Main motor: cycloid reducer

5. Speed of main engine: using cycloid reducer, the production rate of 4-4.5 m / min

6. Plate (raw expand one meter or 1.2 meters): EPS flat; EPS Matchboard; 970 lap.

7. Voltage: 380V

8. Composition: color steel unwinding, pressure-type, feeding, complex hosting, finished cutting, transport equipment

9. Cutting mode: hydraulic control, the composite board production and cutting at the same time, efficiency

10. Cutting way: gun and knife cutter, depending on the board type selection

11. Gun knife cutting speed is single cutting speed, cutting speed is full speed

Cutter cutting speed is change, cutting mode is slow progress, full return. By inverter control

Roller material: 45 # steel plated chrome plated

Total power: 35kw

Synchronous Controller: KMD04B Series Digital Synchronous Controller

Two-stage cycloid reducer

Step of rollers: 13 steps

Number of motors: 22

Heater: 6 root, 2KW / root

Paper roll: 26

Packing: bare

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