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Applications of CNC Slitting Machine:

Slitting machine is mainly used for slitting a metal sheet, such as sub-section steel, stainless steel, copper. Which is mainly used for the steel plant, rolling mill home, automotive, stamping parts and so on.

Technical Parameters of CNC Slitting Machine:

1. Work material: Cold rolling steel, colored coiled plate, acid picking coiled plate which δb<=450Mpa δs<=260MPa.

2. Material thickness: s=0.40 - 2.5 mm.

3. Original width: 500mm-1320mm.

4. Slitting tolerance: width difference: +/-0.10 mm (when thickness 0.5-2.5mm).

5. Slitting tolerance: Linear 0.2 mm/m.

6. Dividing burr: <=0.15*thickness.

7. Slitting speed: 0-20m/min.

8. Decoiler load: 10 Ton.

9. Original coil inner diameter: Dia. 500-700mm.

10. Original coil outside diameter: <=Dia. 1400mm.

11. Product coil inner diameter: Dia.600-800mm.

12. Product coil outside diameter: Dia.1400mm.

13. Product coil load: <=10 tone.

14. Min. product width: 60mm.

15. Slitting quantity.: 0.4-1.0 mm thickness - 20 pcs. 1.5-2.5 mm thickness – 18-10 pcs. Number of slitting blade 15 pcs. (depend on customer requirement). Material of slitting blade: 9CrSi; Hardness of blade: HRC58°-60°.

16. Total power of motor: About 15,2 KW.

17. Total weight: 5.3 tone.

18. Area needed: 20000x8500mm (length x width) (around).

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